Distinctive Father's Day Gifts

Finding a gift for dear old dad on Father’s Day can either be spectacularly easy when you have a father that doesn’t have discriminating taste (a run of the mill tie, some Old Karate, a knitted vest). Or maybe you have an extraordinary father who appreciates the finer things in life, or you want to introduce your father to some of your marvelous finds. If its the latter then this blog is for you.

The Local Artisan Guide recommends the following for distinctive Father’s Day gifts that he will appreciate you went to all the effort for.

D.S. & Durga is a fragrance brand that specializes in scents that recreate experiences. Many of the scents are unisex in nature, however for Father’s Day, “Burning Barbershop” is the perfect scent for dad. The description of Burning Barbershop is as follows: A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, vanilla and lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this.

Australian motorcycle brand, Deus Ex Machina, created this trucker hat designed specifically for the dads that want the most out of the warm weather ahead—a cushioned crown, meshed back, and quick-drying design keeps blocks out the sun, keeps ya cool, and looks great in the process.

How stylish and comfortable will your dad be when he slips into his C’H’C’M’ Yogi Elijah Negative Heel Boot. This very affordable suede boot is made in Portugal using the finest suede leathers in Europe.

St. Frank is a home decor brand that features home accessories made from artisans around the world. This St. Frank iPhone case depicts a vintage Kuba cloth from the Republic of Congo, a unique textile featuring complex designs that are created when various geometric raffia pieces are stitched to a plain raffia background. The resulting rough surface is punctuated by repeated geometric patterns with unexpected interruptions in design. Men cultivate the raffia palm and weave the raffia cloth; women then create the patterned textiles. Traditionally, Kuba cloth was used as a wrapped skirt worn during burials. Later, it was incorporated in ceremonial dress for ritual dances and other celebrations.

Rowing Blazers, the brand that focuses on rediscovering and reinventing preppie also offers collections of vintage watches. Here is the Rolex Day-Date reference 1803 dates to circa 1967 and includes its chronometer certificate (a.k.a. "COSC papers") and an extremely rare "The Day-Date" promotional booklet. The dial is beautifully preserved and the case is crisp and full. Wind Vintage purchased this watch from Heritage Auctions in April for $8,437.50, just so there is full transparency on its origin and what was paid. It is understood that the consignor to the auction was the original owner. This watch is currently on view at the Rowing Blazers Clubhouse at 161 Grand Street in New York City. Curated by Wind Vintage.

Nomad Tribe, the sustainable clothing brand has the perfect Father’s Day gifts for the “Woke” dad, here is the Mutuba Organic PlayNomad Shirt, their softest polo yet. Did you notice the musical prints and the 2-tone buttons? (Have another look. Perfect for on the run or the golf course, easily paired with khaki pants, shorts or jeans.

Our picks range from high luxury to extremely affordable and should make dads of all ages pleased you put so much time and attention show them how much you appreciated them being your dad.

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Happy Father’s Day!

By Natalie Rivera